Robert Baratt DVM

1981-1983                            East Haddam Veterinary Clinic     
East Haddam, CT
Associate Clinician
Mixed small animal and equine general practice.
1983-1993                            Salem Valley Equine Center                          Salem, CT
Clinician, Practice Owner
100% Equine ambulatory and inpatient clinic
Personal focus on reproductive medicine and lameness.
1993-Present                        Salem Valley Veterinary Clinic                      Salem, CT
Clinician, Practice Owner
Four veterinarian mixed small animal and equine practice.
Personal focus on small animal and equine dentistry, with intent to become a
Fellow of the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry, Small Animal and Equine.
Associates: David Anderson, DVM, Sarah Slater, DVM and Leah Limone,
AAEP Equine Dentistry Wet Lab, Lexington, KY. Lecture and wet lab
instruction for graduate veterinarians in equine dentistry.
AAEP Annual Convention, 2008: Joint instructor of Equine Dental Radiology
Dry Lab.
Instruction of veterinary student externs in clinical practice.
1971–1975                           Wesleyan University                              Middletown, CT
B.S. Biology
1975-1977                          Colorado State University           Fort Collins, CO
M.S. Pathology
1977-1981                          Colorado State University           Fort Collins, CO
Professional Associations
American Veterinary Medical Association
Connecticut Veterinary Medical Association
·         Executive Board Member, 2003-2006
American Association of Equine Practitioners
·         Dental Committee Member, 2003-2006
American Veterinary Dental Society
Academy of Veterinary Dentistry
·         Applicant for Fellowship, Small Animal (2008)
·         Applicant for Fellowship, Equine (2008)
2007 Foundation for Veterinary Dentistry Scholarship to fund a study on regenerative endodontic therapy in immature permanent teeth in the dog.
Baratt, RM: How to Use Computed Equine Dental Radiography in Ambulatory
Practice. American Association of Equine Practitioners - AAEP -
Focus Meeting, 2006 - Indianapolis, IN.
Baratt, RM and Galloway, SS: How to Surgically Extract the Canine Tooth of the Horse. Proceedings, 53rd Annual Convention of the AAEP, 466-472, 2007.
Baratt, RM: How to Obtain Equine Dental Radiographs in Ambulatory Practice. AAEP Proceedings, 53rd Annual Convention of the AAEP, 460-465, 2007.
Baratt,  RM: How to Recognize Radiographic Signs of Dental Disease in the Horse. AAEP Proceedings, 53rd Annual Convention of the AAEP, 473-477, 2007.
Baratt, RM: Equine Incisor Resorptive Lesions. Proceedings, 21st AnnualVeterinary Dental Forum, 123-130, 2007.
Baratt, RM: Root CanalTherapy of the Equine Incisor, Proceedings, 22nd Annual Dental Forum, 2008 (pending)
Married (Marcy Tillson) 1979; spouse’s occupation: clinical therapist (MSW)
Two children; Carly and Philip
Residence: 59 Baker Lane, East Haddam, CT 06423
Interests: Sports (running, biking, snowboarding, swimming
sailing), guitar and travel.

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