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Equine Emergency

Emergency Services
In the event of an emergency during our normal business hours, we ask that you contact us at 860.859-1649 regarding the situation. Emergencies can be a frightening and stressful time, and we will do our best to help make the process easier for you and your horse.

We understand that medical emergencies for a horse can, and often do, happen outside of regular business hours. During after hours and weekends you will speak with the answering service who will obtain your name, phone number, nature of your emergency, and page the on-call veterinarian to contact you.

When Should I Seek Emergency Care For My Horse?

The easiest answer as to whether you should seek emergency care for your horse is when you feel his or her medical condition is serious and cannot wait. However, the following general situations should help you determine if you need to seek emergency care for your horse.

• Bone fractures or severe lameness on which your horse cannot bear his weight
• Profuse bleeding from any injury or wound
• Signs of colic, including loss of appetite and reduced fecal production
• Neurological dysfunction (staggering, lack of coordination, behavior change)
• Injury to any vital structure or wounds requiring stitches (eyes, genitals)
• Abnormal vital signs (temperature over 102°F, elevated breathing)
• Suspected or known ingestion of a poison or toxin

Before You Call

Regardless of the type of emergency your horse has suffered, there is information you can provide when speaking with the veterinarian to help assess the situation.

• Temperature
• Location and severity of any injury, wound, or lameness (puncture, laceration, swelling, heat present)
• Your horse's demeanor, including depression or agitation