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Equine Wellness Care

Erin Equine Wellness

A good wellness care program is essential to your horse's health. It is important to be observant of your horses so that any medical problems can be detected early. Early identification of health issues enables us to begin early treatment, often before they develop into more serious conditions.

Wellness care services include:
• On-site exam
• Fecal test
• Vaccinations
• Deworming
• Nutritional advice
• Lameness screening
• Diagnostic testing (digital radiology, ultrasonography, lab testing)
• Dental exam and annual float with sedation

Health Exams
A yearly health exam can optimize your horse's overall wellness and performance. These exams provide you with a baseline and help identify future health risk factors so they can be addressed early on. We examine the heart, lungs, intestinal system, temperature, dental health, eyes, weight, and the horse's overall condition. We will discuss your goals and concerns, and work with you on strategies to ensure your horse's optimal performance.

If you have never performed routine bloodwork on your horse, it should be considered for wellness purposes. The idea of having baseline levels for organ function and blood cell numbers is common for humans, dogs, and cats. However, horses are often forgotten in this regard. We welcome the opportunity to provide a more thorough assessment of your horse’s health at any time during the year.

Our vaccination programs are established for individual horses based upon their age, risk of exposure, use, location, and environment. Some horses can react to vaccines with mild muscle soreness and swelling and may require medication to help minimize these signs. We will discuss the appropriate program with you for your horse during an annual health exam.

Equine Vaccination Program

Internal parasites are a constant threat to your horse's health. Deworming programs are designed by taking into account your location, pasture management, number and age of horses, and management practices.

Dental Exams
An annual or semi-annual dental exam is important to ensure your horse has a healthy mouth, teeth, and gums. For additional information about equine dentistry, click here.

There may be times where your horse requires more specialized attention. We work closely with area specialists who can provide this care, and work to make this transition as seamless as possible. We act as your pet's primary veterinarian, ensuring that we are involved in their referred treatment and informed of all their needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like additional information regarding a comprehensive and cost-effective wellness care program for your horse or barn.