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Pre-Purchase Examination (PPE)

Equine Pasture

When purchasing a horse, it may be required that the animal have a Pre-Purchase Exam (PPE) performed. Pre-purchase exams are designed to help you make one of he most important decisions in owning a horse - which one to buy. This allows an equine veterinarian to examine and detect any existing or potential health issues that may affect the horse. Whether the horse is a top level show horse or a child's first pony, a pre-purchase exam is crucial to evaluate the overall health condition, as well as many other considerations such as vices, behavioral issues, and more.

What Is Right For You?
Pre-purchase exams can range from a brief overall health check with basic flexion tests to a complete exam including radiographs, ultrasound, and endoscopy. Often the comprehensiveness of the exam is linked to the purchase price of the horse. As a buyer you will want to assess your degree of risk-tolerance when deciding how extensive of an exam you want. The more in-depth the exam is, the less chance there is of unpleasant surprises later.

A thorough discussion with the veterinarian prior to the pre-purchase exam will help determine your unique situation. Items of discussion may include the breed, type of horse, and sport or use the horse is intended to perform.

What To Expect
During the exam the veterinarian will explain findings and may recommend additional tests and images based upon the exam results. The veterinarian will assess the findings and discuss any concerns regarding current or possible future issues that could affect the performance or intended use of the horse. Our veterinarians have experience and expertise in multiple disciplines and will provide you with a knowledgeable assessment of the horse's suitability for your needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like additional information regarding the pre-purchase exam services we offer.